Wine Time

Have you ever prayed about something for so long that you thought maybe it is not what God wants you to have? Well you know me! The overthinker. I always wanted to travel but after getting out of the military I thought it would not happen as my husband did not enjoy moving. Well God said something different. When it came close to our retiring from the military Lorenzo was told that he would have to go overseas. He was given many options to choose from but the moment I heard Italy I knew that was where we were to land. Lorenzo didn't see it that way he chose Japan. Practically after he hit submit they told him we would be relocating to Italy. That was the only easy part about that move.

Once all the complications were over we had made to Italy. The land of pasta and wine. I was in foodie heaven. I loved every part about living there. While there we lived amongst the Italians and at first it was not easy, but then we discovered google translate and that made life much more easy. I wish while there I had blogged my way through every winery and food market that I gone to but I did not. This picture though was at one of the best wineries that we could be introduced to. Stefano Accordini winery was a beautiful place to enter. The drive there was easy and the winery was welcoming. We went with with friends, as a couple as well as with the kiddos. Memories that we will cherish forever.
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