The Journey

It has been a journey becoming who I am today. If any of you are like me you sometimes take so many different paths and journeys thinking that you know where you should be but then you end up taking another path and another journey. I am a true believer in God and I know that he has a precious plan for my life but I had a tendency to get into my own way. Sometimes I would ask God for direction and instead of waiting for the answer I move prematurely and make my own path. As you can see they have never turned out amazing that is why at the beautiful age of thirty-nine I am finally finding my way. I thank God continuously for always rescuing me and putting me back on the correct path. Does this sound anything like you?

Don't get me wrong I have never done anything crazy but I have as stated above moved prematurely. I remember living in Fort Lee Virginia and asking God to help me find my way in the food world while living there. I had been out of the military for quite awhile by this time and had achieved my Culinary Arts Associates and was really eager to make my way in the food world. Our children were all elementary school age and finding a position that would pay well enough to cover daycare expenses was proving hard. So after I had prayed I noticed online that a position was open as an Assistant Manager in the school system cafeteria as well as a head cook position at the local Regimental Club on base. I thought this was my prayers answered. Well not so much. I took the position on base and when they called offering me the Assistant Manager position at the school I turned it down. WOW! WOW! Long story short it was a very bad move. After turning down the position my position at the Regimental Club went from all smiles to absolute horror. A sign that I had strayed off the path. I did this a few more times in my life eventually landing some really good positions but none in the food world. See God was preparing me. He was showing me that I needed to have patience and to follow the path he had laid out for me. You will see that I am now a cookbook author, business owner, Cottage food license holder and Serv Safe Instructor Certified. All this at the beautiful age of thirty-nine. See I keep mentioning age because I have always felt like by this age I should have been in a certain place in the food world but I was not. I was hard on myself as many are but in my husband's words, "Things may have been different if you did this or that or maybe they would be exactly the same". He is right. There is no way of knowing that if I went left instead of right that things would be different. I am accepting the beautiful gift that is the present.
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