Spring into a new start

 What does spring mean to you?  What memories does it bring back?  I'm an avid container gardener so spring signals clearing out the old and starting fresh.  It also brings back old childhood memories.  

Spring signals the yearly 

Rice Festival that happens on Main Street in Walterboro SC and a big carnival that occurs in the largest open space available in town.  Whether you had money or even a ride you figured out how to make to Main street on that Saturday.  Although I was really quiet back then I always managed to get with one of my outgoing bestfriends  and she would have us in the midst of our classmates.  At that age the fun seemed to never stop and the nights when on for days.  When we got back to school on Monday  the festival was all any of us could talk about.  


Then came the Ladson fair.  Going to that fair was all about the polish sausages for me.  Summer in SC was the absolute best.  Good food, family gatherings, and any beaches that we could get to quickly was what it was all about.  As a child you feel like those days would never end and the happiness would last forever.  As time rolled on friendships dissipate, what was once large now looks small and relationships fade.  

Spring then begins to take in a whole new meaning.

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