Christmas Day

 So Christmas (Christ-MAS) is here and the world has to calm down, slow down and in some areas completely stop.  So now what are you to do, Once you cannot shop anymore or hang out amongst the holiday shopping crowd?  Well it is family time or so we hope.  I pray that everyone is getting together with some family and enjoying time with one another.  Enjoying love and peace and prayerfully a good meal your way.  As I look out at the sky and the clouds are sitting there so calm, I talk to my God and then I listen.  Because in these moments where it is just he and I it is great.  I talk to Him about the desires of my heart and the good things that I wish for many others.  I ask Him about this day and all that it signifies and that I pray that the person who is not getting the materialistic things that they want are not harboring bad or ill feelings towards the one whom they thought should be giving it.  We talk about how everyone should be thankful for the people who are surrounding them as so many have been lost in this one year alone.  We talk about the firsts and the lasts of ones that are gone and how we miss them, but are you loving on the ones that are still here or holding grudges?  I thank my God for these times of reflections because He puts many things into perspective for me.  Merry CHRIST-mas family. 
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