Changes- How do you handle the inevitable?

So many changes are happening this month.  Some are unexpected, unforeseen and some are inevitable and blessings.  In 2020 when so many changes were happening in our world my husband received an email stating the he had been referred for a position.  We did not think anything of it as we were content with where we were at the moment and the plan that we had asked God to bless a few years before.  Then another email came from a former colleague pertaining to this same position and then another email and well my husband was absolutely intrigued now.  Although we had discussed that we were not interested in going  back overseas at the moment, but in a few years, I could tell that he wanted to know more.  See I was sticking to the plan.  You know the one we had prayed about and talked to God about and laid at His feet to be blessed?  I was sticking to that. 

 How many of us know that God does not work on our timeline?  Well He wasn't going to change just for me.  A few days later when my huney approached me again at the job about the position I told him to check it out.  See what they were offering.  The information came quickly and it excited him which in turn excited me, but we now had three teenagers in our home who would not be excited about changing schools again.  We prayed about it as we do with all decisions and a comfort came over the both us so we told the children.  Our oldest was headed off to the military so he was not concerned as much, our beauty in the middle had track, work and is coming into her senior year shortly so she was mildly concerned, but then their was the youngest.  The Princess of the house, let her tell it.  She was not happy.  She found every excuse why she should be normal and have a normal life.  

See we learned a long time ago that it does not matter how much money you have because  it does not move everyone.  Our kids, as my middle beauty calls it, are privileged.  They have had some amazing experiences in their short lifetimes.  More than my spouse or I could ever imagine.  We started out seriously at the bottom, made our way up, dropped down half way again and then came back up stronger.  We had our bumps and bruises along the way but stayed prayed up, strong, and kept others out of our business.  Then we raised our heads one day and we had made it to a different level.  One that we were not willing to trade for anything.  That is what this move to Mannheim means to us.  A different level.  So as much as we love our little boo she will be ok.  She is stronger than she thinks that she is and all the experiences that her siblings were able to have well this Mama has a few tricks up her sleeve and she won't miss out on as much as she thinks she will.

Next level does not always mean losing or leaving.  It can mean gaining and moving towards.



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