Everywhere that I have gone recently the word that has been whispered, preached or spoken has been activate.  See the dictionary tells us that activate means to make something operative.  In my world activate means so much more.  See I have been busy as of late but not busy just to be busy by filling a calendar with meaningless stuff or tasks to seem important.  Not busy as in making myself look important for social media but busy in my season of activating.  See I have a lot of goals and dreams and as my son and I talked about today it is my time.  See my babies no longer need me for everything little thing and it is not that I felt that getting pregnant at 19 was a mistake you see but at that time in my life I made a choice.  So once I did that God said well Shaka it is time to activate being a mother and later when my honey and I got married,  God said now it is time to activate being a wife and once I was in college, God said that he would give me strength to activate being a wife, mother and a college student.  

When you are a child of the King He will activate the power that you need for whatever season that you are in at the time.  BUT!!!!! If you are not His child well, you may struggle more than normal and you may not be able to get things off the ground but God will activate you in that season if you let Him.  See I did what I was supposed to in all those seasons and I waited well for what God had in store for me and my family.  Even in my season of lack.  I waited well and now that I am in my season of abundance God has now said, "Daughter it is time for you to be activated to the next level."  See in this next level things will look different and feel different and they will even be uncomfortable but God is there with me and He is activating me.  

There is one of my goals that I have wanted for a few years now and I just knew that this was the season to activate that goal but God said the other day, not yet and I said ok.  I have grown in that way.  I do not need an audience,  I do not give power to haters and I do not like an amen choir because all of that can keep you in a spot where you do not need to be or it can distract you and make you think that you should continue to push in a direction that God is not ready to activate.  

So as I prepare myself to go to a Veterans Women's Entrepreneurship conference,  I feel God telling me that He will activate me to get exactly what I need out of the conference and then when I return and I start with my business coach, He will activate me to learn what is needed and take the business to the next level and when our second child prepares to go off into the world God is activating me to do what needs to be done.  

So what is God activating you to do?  How are you handling it?

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