A Change is coming

A Change is coming

 OMG!  March has been a world wind  that is winding up. I have been working very hard at a new business venture as well as rebranding my current business and it has been a task.  I thank God for Jesus because in the midst of it all two of our four cars have consistently needed repairs, our hvac system went out and a wind storm came through and tore two doors off the hinges.  What a month huh?  Well yea, it has been. BUT!!!!  Thank God for the tools I learned in therapy as well as through prayer because I have been able to continue to stand.  I have been going to God even more and He has shown me things that I wanted to see and things that I didn't.  

After bucking like a mule and pouting like a baby I finally decided that God was truly showing me that I needed to take a step back from the new business and that he was not telling me no but not yet.  Once I opened my eyes to the true vision things have gone a bit better.  Rebranding the business has still been a task but it is only one large task. I know longer have the pressure of finding a building and holding on to all of our finances to purchase the building.  I have been able to exhale as I fix the cars and get them ready to be sold for newer models, while I sit back while All American Heating and Air fix my units outside and as pay someone to assist with getting the new website up and running properly.  

See as I have told you all in our previous conversations that super women is a character.  We cannot be all that she was and do all that she did.  All we can do is be who we are and allow others to work in their gifts to help us achieve our goals.  It is not failing to pay and ask for assistance.  See I heard on the Failure to Launch podcast this morning that when accomplishing a task you will either pay with your time or your money but you will pay.  So which payment will you use?  

MASZL Enterprises and MASZL Custom Baskets w/bows coming your way soon. 

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