2022 is Here

2022 is Here

Yayyyyy! We made it yall! 2022 is here and we are here.  I am thankful to God to see another year.  I thank God that He is leading and guiding me on so many decisions thus far.  So I know that my post have been few and far between and that is because I have been vlogging on YouTube.  It is no excuse but that is the truth of what is happening.  I do enjoy coming over here and talking to you all on a regular basis and I am going to be intentional about doing that.  I have so many things going for me right now and I am so excited about it.  Has God ever told you clearly to do something in the form of an idea ?  OMG! That is feeling is so strong.  I love it.  I was attempting to figure out how to advertise a little better this month and wondering about getting a person to collaborate with on an occasional basis and God led me to a young lady name Beth Crandell.  It seems to me like Beth and I were destined to meet.  It all came together when we both, amongst many others, signed up for a weekday event with Positively Augusta.  As it would have you only the two of us actually showed up.  So we talked during the event.  Neither one us sold much but we did network a little bit.  She told me about some of the events that she had going on and how so many people were reaching out to her and her husband to have craft classes but occasionally they would reach out to her to have food events since they sold charcuterie boards. So we exchanged information and then we both went in our separate directions.  Later that month Beth posted an event that her Church was having and of course I signed up.  It was a huge success for the community.  

Long story short the connection between us seemed really strong although we were strangers.  I knew that God had to have sent this young lady to me.  So when I was looking to advertise a little more I reached out to her to see if she had any craft events coming up and if I could donate my small plate catering services?  She immediately responded and said yes I have one and it is in a few weeks would that be to soon.  Well it was right on time.  I quickly began coming up with a menu using the items that I already had on hand so that I could minimize the costs to this event.  I ended up with a small plate menu of :

Olive pesto baguette

strawberries and cream

chicken salad croissants

kale salad


It was a huge success.  I made quite a few contacts as well as received many compliments.  I knew that the whole event was God led because I did not bat an eyelash at what I was instructed to do and the money that ended up being spent.

I said all that to say this, sometimes we get an idea and we think it seems a little crazy but if it is God leading us then He will provide.  So step out on faith and keep pushing forward. 


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